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Yin and Yan (or Ying Yang) are usually described as two fish like parts. It's also known as the Tai Chi symbol. the symbol can be looked at in many ways, one way is that yin and yang are complementary and working together, balancing each other out. it can be described as life and death, night and day, light and dark, etc. You can also think of it as when you may drop a rock into a pool. simultaneously it will raise waves and lower troughs beneath them. this alternation will radiate outward until the movement dissipates and the pool is calm once again. Yin and Yan are always opposite, thus having equal qualities. One quality will reach its peak, then slowly transform into the opposite quality forming an endless cycle. (Example: grain that reaches its full height in the summer (fully yan) and then produces seeds and dies back in the winter (fully yin))   yin yang