Steam Boat Experience

If you are interested in steam engines and messing around on water, then this Steam Boat Experience will make for a very enjoyable morning. You not only learn how to operate a full-size steam engine aboard a classic River Launch, you also put it through its paces on one of Hereford’s most picturesque private lakes. From filling the boiler to blowing it down, you will be thoroughly 'hands-on'. River Launches were used by 'well-heeled'  gentry for Sunday afternoon cruises. You will be amazed by what the 'driver' had to do just to facilitate a little jaunt up the river!

What you will do:

Your morning starts at 9:30am. Preparing the boiler, which includes sweeping the tubes and filling it, takes about half an hour. We aim to fire the boiler at around 10am. While steam is raised, we prepare the boat and engine. The boiler, if lit correctly, takes about 45 minutes to come up to a working pressure (there should be time for a quick cup of tea on board). With a head of steam raised, you will practice some basic manoeuvres, learn how to manage the boiler and get used to the controls. At this point, you are ready to invite your guests to join you on board and enjoy the Lake together for the rest of the morning. However, when your friends have disembarked, your work is not over. If you have managed the boiler correctly, it should only be a short wait (averagely between 10 minutes and half an hour) before we can blow it down and put the launch to bed. You should be on Pearl Lake's private golf course by 1pm!  

The 'hands on' experience part of the morning works for up to two people, and there is no extra charge for the second person. Neither is there a further charge for any guests to enjoy a cruise with you at the helm.  It is £95.00, including tea and biscuits!

You tell me which dates work for you and I will try my best to accommodate those. If it rains on the day, we'll put the canopies up. If it's cold, you won't notice that sitting next to the boiler. There's always plenty of brass to polish if all else fails!

If you have to travel a long way, then why not stay over or make a weekend of it? Follow the link below to see what Pearl Lake can offer you; you will not be disappointed. (Directions can also be found here). 

If you are interested, send an email to Graeme at: 

[email protected]

Taking your family and friends for a cruise on Pearl Lake will be an experience everyone will remember.

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