Pop Pop Instructions

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We have translated (as best we could) into other languages. We apologise if some grammatical errors appear.
Using the plastic dropper, (usually supplied with new boats) squirt water into the  boats exhaust pipes until full.
This is the only way water can enter the boiler.
Damage may occur if the boiler is empty. Alternatively, pour water into one of exhaust pipes using a running tap or water from 
a jug until water flows freely from the other pipe.
Put the boat into the water carefully, making sure that the water stays in the boiler.
Place the candle into the holder and light the wick.
Gently place the holder onto the runners in the boat until it is resting underneath the boiler.
The ideal position is for the flame to be central under the boiler and not directly below the two small pipes leading from the boiler. 
This can cause damage to the soldering)
The water in the boiler will heat by the candle turning it into steam. The steam expands causing a “popping” noise. 
The steam is forced out of the exhaust pipes propelling the boat forward.
Once the steam has left the boiler, a vacuum is created, sucking fresh water back into the
boiler The process starts all over again. The noise generated - Pop Pop”

Most problems with pop pop boats are due to no water in the boiler, improper heating of the boiler, or a clogged water tube. 
Using a straw or the dropper provided, flush water through the tubes and place the boat in a tub of water without letting any water 
out of the tubes.
The Fuel Cells (candles) can take up to a minute before the candle generates enough heat to get the boat moving.

Using Olive Oil with candle wick / Other fuels
If you are using olive oil, make sure the wick is not too short or too long.
The proper length of the wick should be about 5 mm above the oil, the same goes for the candles.
Other types of fuels either do not work well or will over heat the boiler causing damage to it.
Olive oil burns cooler compared to cooking oils - vegetable oils and reduces the risk of overheating the boiler.

We sell pop pop boats that are over 50 years old - and still steam as if they were new.
Looking after your boat will ensure you have years of fun and you’ll eventually be able to pass them down to your grandchildren as 
collectors items.
After using your boat, flush out the boiler with clean cold water to reduce the risk of the boiler overheating when it is removed
from the water.
Wipe off any excess water and carefully and remove any wax deposits inside the boat.
A small shot of light lubricating oil (WD40 for example) into the pipes will prevent rusting.
Gently clean under the boiler with a damp cloth to remove any soot deposits.
Care should be taken at this point, as the boilers are very fragile.
Lightly rub the outside of the boat with a small amount of oil (WD40) on a cloth, to prevent rust forming.
Store in a dry place - ready for the next outing. 

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