Build your own pop pop boat

Build your own boat
tin boat hull
Tin Boat Hull - 26cm long 
engines candles kits and spares
Pop Pop Boat engines, 
kits and spares available here

We have kits available to construct and add real steam power.
Small and large pop pop engines engines are also available.
Add to your own project.
 pop pop boat candles
pare candles available
 pop pop fishing boat kit
Fishing Boat Kit 
pop pop boat engine..
Engines available here
1/8" Dia Copper Tubing available here   3/16" Copper Tubing available here

motor r21 re260
Add electric power to your model
We stock electric motors, prop shafts, battery holders, switches and all the bits
you need to add a different power source to your modelView the range here
motor with prop and shaft

Our first attempt took just 10 minutes - a Sardine tin, a drill and some Araldite to seal the holes. 
It runs really well on both candles and Olive oil. What's next? (more pictures below).
Sardine tin
pop pop boat engine..
Sardine Boat..
Pop Pop Boat engines available here           Pop Pop Boat Instructions here       
Additional / replacement candles here
 Pop Pop Boat Engine fitting instructions / guide here

pop pop speed boat 1

Pop Pop Speed Boat 
 Pop Pop Speed Boat (Re: Fishing Boat Kit)

Our model started life as the fishing boat kit, but we became sidetracked and decided to turn into a speed boat by adding various bits and pieces. The pipes on the boiler were shortened to move the boiler back in the boat in order to fit the seats etc.
The kit is very versatile and any type of craft can be made - just add imagination !!
Next -  a Ponyo boat model from the same kit.
 Pop Pop Gunboat - Keith, Norfolk
Made from a standard tug boat, the original funnel has been removed and the hole has been plugged. Guns added to the cabin and an additional gun turret added to the bow. Hover over image to zoom  
A well made tug boat using all the latest materials and a large pop pop engine.
Very Noisy!! Powered by a tea light.SEBASTIEN 1SEBASTIEN 2
 Bill I built my own boat 1  Bill I built my own boat 2
A Selection of Boats from Bill using a Pop Pop Boat engine and some imagination.
 Bill I built my own boat 3  Bill I built my own boat 4
"Here are three boats I have knocked up. They are a bit crude in places because I wanted an instant playtime rather than a museum quality exhibit"
 Bill I built my own boat 5  Bill I built my own boat 6
"The first one is based on a clinker dinghy similar to those you can buy as holiday souvenirs. Dan, Dan the Fisherman and the lobster pots were painted on stiffish card, cut out and varnished"