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Home made copper engines?

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Any ideas of how to make a coil engine? I've tried 3/8 copper pipe and wanted to know is there a better size of pipe to use.

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  1. patrick hadengue

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  2. Dave

    Hi Buzz, I've been looking at 1/8" tubing - is it the outside diameter or internal diameter? Not sure which one I need. Dave

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  3. Andy

    Thanks Buzz, I've got some 1/8" copper tubing - I'll give it a go. Have you tried 3/8" - its a similar size to a manufactured engine?

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  4. Buzz

    Try using 1/8" copper tubing. Anneal it with a torch to make it flexible. You only need one coil in the engine. Totally silent running, but it will never burn out.

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  5. Andy

    I've had reasonable results using 3/16 soft copper pipe. Just testing the number of coils in the motor and also length of piping from the coil to the water. Keep you posted. Andy

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  6. Dave

    I've also been trying different sizes of pipe. Let you know.

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